Sep 23, 2005

o here it is

my birhtday went by just like that...big blah!

nothing to make kwento. the usual birhtday treat sa office that was gobbled up in less than 2 hours! and dinner treat in Somethin' Fishy in Eastwood. Before the early morning (call time was 12MN), we were in Eastwood na early palang. Was supposed to watch a movie but we didn't make it in time. We, instead, played Bowling (which I lost by mere 2 points lang and by sheer luck by my kalaban :P ) and some videogames na yun..we went around a bit and did some shopping (du-uh what else!?!?!) but the best part was sitting down and watching people passing by...we were (or it was more of me pala) making lait the people who were wearing sexy outfits for people to notice them kse they're so panget, the girls who were wearing konti nalang kita mo na ang kaluluwa skirts and simply anyone who was just panget.

that was was just a blah (and I was saying that with my tongue stuck out)...

the gift? oh yea! Chas ..sige na nga and Tin gave me a DVD of Sharon and Rowell's Cross my Heart (how Jologs I know but so what I'm a sharonian), Ace gave me a watch (nice!) and lest I forget the QA team brought cake..yummy! i still have the candle na pang brownout!