Jul 27, 2013

I truly like doing the grocery.  I have no idea why.  Since I was a kid I looove doing the grocery with my mom.  There seems to be something therapeuti about it...hahaha but I must admit that I have certain quirks when doing the grocery.  1) I cannot do the grocery when the aisles are not aligned.  if there are gaps or missing rows then I completely lose my bearing and second is when there are a lot of people in the grocery, I get grumpier by the minute.  That's why I only go to certain SM hypermarts, shopwise and SnR. I tried in Trinoma but I hated it along with Robinson's Galleria.  Another thing that I do is, I have to pass thru all of the aisles even if I don't have anything to get from that aisle.  Otherwise, I'd lose my bearing again and forget to buy the other items I need to get.

totally sick am I.