Sep 3, 2009

misan itatanong mo..bakit wala kang masasagot kungdi ..kibit balikat
my little brother's here in the country. he unexpectedly arrived last sunday w gf and 2 sons...where he is now? i dunno..he went off to some province and hasnt come back yet....kuwawa wla pa naman Eye to Eye na ngayon...anway, i got some new toys again. a new graco duo glider stroller for my kids, my dad gave me his old school camera w long range lens pa plus a hew hp laptop...ahlavet.

i dont even want to blog about whats been going on sa office. bottomline sucks. the pay doesnt commensurate w the amout of work anymore. its takes away a lot of my time everyday. thats time away from my kids..not counting for my self anymore but my kids.

i havent been attending a lot of get togethers w my friends lately. why? #1 rest. i barely have time to rest anymore. halos wala na so as much as i would want to go out w my friends i cant. its not that i dont want to but i cant. sorry marc. sorry tin. #2 time in conjuction w #1 na din but i can usually meet up if its immediatly after my end shift but if its before..naku good luck. even if its my rd i'd rather spend it w my kids. #3 for some strange reason i dont have the stamina anymore. after taking care of 2 rumbunctious boys all day plus the neverending thankless work wla na..bottomline..wag na magtrabaho.