Feb 15, 2011

things to buy:

1. soccer shoes (w and w/o spikes)
2. soccer socks (2)
3. shin guards
4. football

1. coleman (where are my old ones?!?!?!)
2. ala director's chair
3. bigger coleman box (same as the 1 I have but bigger)

*i'm realizing my dream of being a soccer mom*

...and no, i still don't know how to drive
...and no, i won't push myself to learn. i can pay the driver to do it

Feb 14, 2011

Alessi went to his free trial w futbolfunatics yesterday at the Meralco center in Ortigas. Though he was his usual quiet at first mode I know eventully he'll learn to warm up. in the middle of the class, he started dribbling the football. good sign. a few minutes he ran up to me and asked me if he can play w his ben 10 computer game. this made me more determined to get him interested in any sport as i dont want him to become one of those kids that's always stuck in front of the computer. by the end of the class, all he did was play w dirt while the others were in a scrimmage. in short, he didnt participate in class. oh well, a few more classes and hopefully we'll see progress.

come to think of it, there was a change him that i've never seen before: he played with dirt! he never does that. my Alessi is as prissy as hell. If during dinner he gets food or ketchup anywhere on his body, he'll have it wipe it off. if even one grain of rice falls on the table or a drop of juice, he'll tell you to wipe it off. at least now he's acting like a normal 4 yr old boy.

next week is the start of soccer camp in Cuenca, AAV. I can't wait!