May 4, 2010

why o why couldnt steve jobs just make my life easy!? i know props for inventing ipod the mother of his I inventions. it saved me from always lugging my cds from one place to another (its heavy!) but then again why couldnt you just allow more than 1 ipod per computer?! damot. ive been painfully fixing my playlists and for a techbobo like me its like PAAAAAIIINNNN...i plug my classic ipod mini in my pc my itouch as well (i just auth and deauth it everytime) then my nano in my laptop. yea i know..why i have 3? i guess it just piled up and voila! i was thinking of selling them until i realized I can hypnotize my son to stay still for like 15mins w my itouch! so i use my itouch for all those apps (do they have apps that make money din? and that make you thin na din) and some songs then my nano for my songs and the mini for songs for the little ones as well.

May 2, 2010

my 2 sons have been keeping my hands full..overflowing actually...ive been sleeping in the morning as soon as I get home from work then I wake up at noon so I can help feed the kids. We only have 1 yaya and in about a week it'll be just me and the kids. The yaya will be gone for a week for her kid's wedding so good luck to me!

I actually welcome that 1 week w/o yaya since ive been lamenting that my kids call yaya "mommy or mama" already since I spend most of my time at work (grumble grumble). hopefully that 1 week would be enough for my kids especially the bunso to weaned from yaya and he can start sleeping w me again. its been months since my bunso slept beside me at night coz no matter what I do he cries when he doesnt get to sleep w his yaya :( and no amount of bola or soothing will make him stop...breaks my heart everytime

so i hope for the best...i'll be stocking on Zoloft, Naproxen, Vit B12, D throw in Vit E for my skin