Jul 30, 2010

sometimes i just feel like moving to another country, change my name, and start a new life.

There are days,
there are days when your life clouds over
and the world gets so dark
that all at once you can't tell night from day.

There are times,
when your heart cries 'this isn't happening',
but the truth is cold and real
and I know this storm won't go away.

S&R Days

there are times when i just want to spend the whole day sa S&R....some..or all of you...might not even understand what I am saying...basta...i love doing the grocery and in my opinion...S&r is my indulge grocery place...when I want candy bars that you cant find here or candies or chocolates that I wanna buy in bulk i go there...if i need toilet paper...lots of toilet paper, that is. i go to s&R....when I want pizza or their roasted chicken...i go to s&r...i know its mababaw and im guessing you're still not getting it...basta..its like my indulge place..of course for food lang no.....bah! i dont get the point of this entry. lekat