Feb 11, 2012

We attended a birthday party last December in Jollibee Blue Wave and by far, they have the best party host and Jollibee character compared to any Jollibee or McDonald's party I've ever been too.
I'm just saying.

Feb 7, 2012

Long Weekend #1

After much drama, we left our place just before 10am. There was no real traffic until we turned right in the intersection where Tagaytay Econo Inn was. From that point until Carlo's Pizza it took us an hour if I'm not mistaken. An hour again was spent in Carlo's Pizza where we got their Hawaiin Pizza (differently called of course) and a 2 cheese pizza. Yummy!

After a 2 hr drive, we finally got to Barangay Wawa. Make sure you have everything w you (ice, uling, etc) so you don't have to buy inside the resort. Which would just be around 10pesos in the ordinary store, uling was 30 pesos inside the resort! Nothing surprising about that though. In the plaza, they have dunkin donuts, andok's and jollibee in case you guys are tamad to cook. But if you're thinking of from the resort you can just go back to the plaza anytime, think again.
After Bamboo beach which is now called Kawayan Cove and Punta Fuego, you'd see colorful banners on your right to mark the entrance to the resort. Before entering, make sure you c
heck your breaks because the road is steep and 1/2 of the way is not paved. I don't think that there's light at night so I discouraged people from the resort driving out in the middle of the night. Parking is at the top of the resort. Make sure that your car is secure of course since I don't think anyone makes bantay the cars.
Make your way down to the beach. Just straight down (Cardio!) and at the end of the stairs, on your right is the information desk where you can check in.

They gave us the Family Room #5 (FRA 5), the "building"was divided into 4 units.
2 rooms on top and 2 rooms at the bottom. We got the bottom right unit.

There were 4 bunk beds. They allowed up to 10 people in this kind of room. There was 1 TV that we didn't bother to use. 1 ref and a small table. If you're all gonna use electronic devices you might wanna bring an extension and that multiple plug thing since there were only 2 outlets ~1 for the tv and an extra beside then we unplugged the one for the emergency lights so we can use it. No plugs at the other end of the room (where the aircon was). They provided pillows w clean beddings. it was acceptable naman and there was no "amoy" but OC as I was I brought my own pillows and mattress.

banyo was clean and spacious. don't expect hotel room banyo but it was ok.

There was a common grilling area, outdoor shower area and where you can wash the dishes too. Below, you can see the grill area w the red roof/ and just beside it is the outdoor shower area.

We ate outside since we can't fit everyone inside. Make sure you bring a candle or 2 to ward off the langaws and katol for the mosquitoes. You can buy katol in the resort but it was 30 pesos each. Yaya said that it was just 10 php outside. There was a lot langaws esp since we had inihaw isda for lunch. so make sure you have a candle or 2 ready. There was also ants of all sizes. The biggest was...the length of the nail of my thumb! grabe!

They provided the table and bench seen below :)

now the beach.

don't expect boracay type of sand..maybe more of Galera type of sand pro not naman gray or blackish ha.
in front of the beach resort, the water has lots of stones.mabato sya so not really nice for swimming but it's not THAT mabato when you compare it to Laiya. if you wanna swim, facing the water, just walk to your left past the resort and bingo! better swimming area especially for the kids since there's no sudden drop in the water level.

only 1 or 2 vendors asked if we wanted to buy a lobster or bracelets unlike in Galera and Boracay where one would pass by you every 15mins/so.

over all, the trip was nice. again, don't expect a lot from the resort but for a cheap beach thrill its ok.

btw, with 2 kids in tow, I wasn't able to roamed around and inspect the different facilities of the resort

Room: 5kphp (good for 8-1opax). 4 bunkbeds.pwede na mag tabi ang di 2 payat.
Entrance/ person (same for adults and kids): 330php
Sucat to Sta Rosa Exit: 91 php
Gas: 2100 w lots to spare. 1500-2k gas would suffice.
katol in the resort 30php each ~buy somewhere else
uling in the resort: 30php/ bag ~buy somewhere else