May 15, 2007

I'm a newbie!

I'm a newbie to PayPerPost
but I've heard so much of this ability to blog about your thoughts and getting paid at it. Most of my friends and even frenemies are at it that I've decided to do it myself. Enough of just being on the sidelines. It's high time to be where the action is and thus I decided to join PayPerPost or which is also known as blog marketing

I'm enjoying it to a hilt! I've even encouraged my other friends to try it especially those who has a lot of free time on their hands. I've also promoted blog marketing to friends who have their own online business to try their hand at it and from the feedback that I got they're already laughing their way to the bank!

So, do you have a lot of free time? Try blog marketing and see how it can change your life!
i've added another "holiday" to my used to be the people will greet me or send me text messages during christmas, new year, valentine's day or easter...on the second sunday of May, people started to greet me a Happy Mother's Day...nanay nga pala ako...Ace, Alessandro and I went to Glorietta and ate in Friday's Glorietta. The place was packed but we managed to get a table...I didn't get the special gift they gave to moms...that waiter must've forgotten...i was too shy to ask for one...hehehe..anyways, we just browsed through several stores but went home after the sunday mall crowd became too much for me...


when you're feeling sad or down...when you're weary and just dog tired from all that life is throwing at you..this is what you can just drink!

we wish...